Telugu nice Friend Insult SMS

I'not decent
I'not good
Hey, ila yenduku alochistav..
Ela una nv na frnd ye.

Best quote about character of person

Success man character quote

Two thoughts decide the success in your life:
The way u MANAGE when u have nothing in hand & The way u BEHAVE when u have everything in hand.

Best Love sentence

When lots of people start to love u, 
You may get confused whom to love. Just tell them I hate u, everyone will get back but not the person who loves u truly!!!

Future is the hope

One can count the number of seeds in an apple. but,
One can't count d number of apples in a seed...!
FUTURE is unseen..Always HOPE for the BEST

Excellent Sentence on National Highway

Funny Road Sign

An excellent sentence 
written on a national highway: 
Go slow, 
unless U have an urgent appointment with God!
When Someone Is So Sweet To U,

Don't Expect That They Will Be Like That All the Time

Even The Sweetest Chocolate Has An Expiry Date...