Funny Advance Happy Friendship Day SMS message in English | check Numbers

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[01] I want to Tell You a secret see no 5
[02] It's in no.11
[03] Don't Angry see no.15
[04] Don't tension check no.13
[05] see no.2
[06] Getting Angry OK check No.12
[07] Advance friendship day wishes
[08] Answer is in no.14
[09] Calm down see no.4
[10] check no.7
[11] I knw You can check no.6
[12] sorry see no.8
[13] Don't exited check no.10
[14] Hmmmm it's in no. 3
[15] You must See no.9 

Telugu Funny Advance Happy Friendship day Message | Telugu Happy Friendship day SMS

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[01] Nenu needhagara oka secret chepali no 5 chudu
[02] no.11 lo answer undhi
[03] kopam vadhu no.15 chudu
[04] tension padakunda no.13 chudu
[05] no.2 chudu
[06] kopam vastundha ok No.12 lo chudu
[07] Advance friendship day wishes
[08] Answer no.14 lo undhi
[09] opiga undu no. 4 lo chudu
[10] no.7 na chudu
[11]naku telusu  nuvu no.6 chustavu
[12] sorry no.8 lo chudu
[13] athra padakunda no.10 lo chudu
[14] Hmmmm no. 3 lo undhi
[15]no.9 na chudali

I have a friend which is you | Friendship Quote

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I Have a pen which is blue,
I have a friend which is you.
Flowers will die, Water will dry,
But our Friendship will never say Goodbye.

LOVE is like a cigar

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LOVE is like a cigar.

Starts with fire...

Continues with smoke.

Ends with ashes...

& Friendship is like a LIGHTER

Having never ending necessarily...

But don't worry, we are CHAIN SMOKERS... !!!

Talk more with someone who makes you happy

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Talk more with someone who makes you happy.....
But try to talk at least a few minutes with someone who can't be happy without you.....

Innocent Reply Can I Go to Bathroom?

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Innocent Reply Teacher- Bathroom

Kid: Teacher Can I Go Bathroom?

Teacher: (Correcting him) “May” I Go To The Bathroom?

Kid: Miss, But I Asked 1st .. !

Me and my attitude | My Attitude SMS Message

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Attitude SMS Message

Me and my attitude.....It's enough.

If Facebook is School What happens ?

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If facebook was School
then every1 would get a certificate
for full attendance.

What thing come under friendship

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Feeling of love
Moment of caring
Small small sharing
Small small fights
to be together in pains,
The miracle called
Happy friendship day.

All Mobile Networks for Friendship

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Voda "F"  one
 Ai    "R"  cel
  Rel  "I"  ance
  Id    "E"  a
 Bs    "N"  l
Tata   "D"  ocomo  
   Mt  "S"

no matter wat the Network    
we are FRIENDS......